Together We Grow

Together We Grow

After careful and prayerful consideration and the informative response in the planning study, we are undertaking a capital campaign to raise a minimum of $3,500,000.  Our campaign, Together We Grow, is a combined campaign that will address our current and future needs and simultaneously support our archdiocese.  

Over the past few years many parishioners have taken part in conversations to continue to make St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish a welcoming, inclusive, and spiritual place for all.  As a result of these conversations, and as we look towards our future as our St. Max family continues to grow.


  • Eliminate the debt. 
  • Build a community room with a serving area for easier and more frequent fellowship opportunities.
  • Complete the 2001 plan for the campus by building a chapel to be located near the Hospitality Room. 
  • Relocate the Rachel Weeping for Her Children statue in a dedicated and prominent location. 
  • Catholic Community Foundation - One Faith, One Hope, One Love 


Should we be able to raise more than the $3,500,000 (which includes the Phase I projects and our share of the archdiocesan capital campaign) those monies would be set aside for future expansion of the kitchen and additional classrooms and meeting rooms in the Family Life Complex. 

  • Expand and renovate the kitchen by enlarging the space and updating the equipment to provide for an increase in hospitality opportunities.
  • Add a large multi-purpose meeting room to the Father John E. Porter Family Life Complex with the ability to convert into 3 separate rooms.

Expansion of the Father John E. Porter Family Life Complex creates a $5,450,000 challenge goal for Together We Grow.

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