Together We Grow

Watch the Town Hall Meeting

Did you miss the Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, November 4?  You can watch the whole thing below!

Town Hall PowerPoint
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Together We Grow

Our parish continues to pursue the goals of the Together We Grow capital campaign as we endeavor to raise a minimum of $3,500,000.  Together We Grow, combined with the archdiocesan One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign, addresses our current and future needs while simultaneously supporting our archdiocese. We look towards our future with hope as our St. Max family continues to grow.


  • Eliminate the debt. 
  • Build a community room with a serving area for easier and more frequent fellowship opportunities.
  • Add a day chapel to be located near the Hospitality Room. 
  • Relocate the main entrance to the north window of the atrium.
  • Relocate the Rachel Weeping for Her Children statue in a dedicated and prominent location. 
  • Fulfill our parish obligation to the archdiocesan One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign.

Any money raised beyond our $3,500,000 goal will be set aside for potential future expansions of the kitchen and meeting rooms in the Family Life Complex. 


 99.7% ($3,490,274) of pledges made to meet the campaign goal of $3,500,000.
As of February 2018, the parish debt of $468,254 was completely paid off.
$1,128,242.12 has been paid towards the $1,716,000 owed to the archdiocesan One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign.
As of July 1, 2018, 49% of pledges have been fulfilled.

Ministry Contacts

Ruth Trentman
(513) 777-4322
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