Celebrate Christmas with us!

Christmas Eve
3:00 PM (FULL) • 5:30 PM • 9:00 PM • 12:00 AM* 

Christmas Day
8:00 AM  • 10:00 AM • 12:00 PM*

*Incense used

The 3:00 PM Christmas Eve Mass is now completely full. If you are not one of the 750 people who already registered for that Mass, please choose a different Christmas Mass time to attend. You can register for one of the other six Mass times using the link below. Watch a special message from Fr. Jim about this update here. 

In order for all of us to gather and celebrate safely and joyfully, we are asking each household to register for Christmas Mass. Registration is not required for entry at any Mass, however, we appreciate your RSVP which will enable us to better prepare.


If you need to change your RSVP for any reason, please call the parish office 513-777-4322.

Important Information about Christmas during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • All Masses will be held in the church with overflow seating and live streaming available in the gym if we meet capacity in the church.
  • Pre-registration to attend a Christmas Mass is strongly encouraged. Although it is not required, it is much appreciated and will help us best prepare.
  • Registrations are capped at 750. This allows for 500 in church and 250 in the gym. Depending on family sizes, we may be able to fit more in the church. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will bring Communion to everyone in the gym. 
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. 
  • Please enter through the main entrance so that we can control crowds more easily and direct any overflow to the gym in a safe way.
  • The state of Ohio has mandated the wearing of masks.  Hand sanitizer and wipes are available at the main entrance, around the perimeter of church and throughout the complex.
  • We need help sanitizing the pews in between each Mass. If you have a few minutes to spare, please just stick around after Mass. Someone will bring a cleaning cart in and be able to get you started. Many hands make light work! It should only take a few minutes.
  • Want to know more about how St. Max is helping to keep you safe at Mass? Click here to read our health and safety guidelines.