Walk With Jesus

Why did Jesus die on the Cross?

Complete the Holy Week journey for youth/teens and uncover the sacrifice, the love, the plan and the beauty of Jesus Christ's Passion.

Before your Journey

Learn more about the rituals of Holy Week, our final preparation for Easter. 
Watch: Holy Week in Two Minutes:

Reflect:  Did you learn something NEW about Holy Week from the video?

Walk with Jesus during Holy Week and discover...

Discover why Easter is SO MUCH MORE than one day!

Watch:  50 Days:  Easter & Pentecost 

Reflect: Why do we need more than one day to celebrate Easter?

Now You Know

Praying Scripture Like Our Saints

Praying Scripture Like Our Saints

May 24, May 31, June 7 & June 14  from 7:00-9:00 PM. Come learn and practice various styles of prayer used by the doctors of the Catholic Church to strive for a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through His sacred...
1% Challenge

1% Challenge

1% OF YOUR DAY is 14 min and 24 sec.  JUST 1% OF YOUR DAY given to God in focused prayer will change your life.  We would like to challenge you to spend just 1% (lets round up to 15 min)  OF YOUR DAY EVERY DAY...
Together We Grow

Together We Grow

After careful and prayerful consideration and the informative response in the planning study, we are undertaking a capital campaign to raise a minimum of $3,500,000. Our campaign, Together We Grow, is a combined campaign that will...

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