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Defend Life, Get Involved!

Here's what we're facing...

An extreme amendment is on the Ohio ballot in November that threatens the health and safety of women, the rights of parents and the lives of pre-born babies up to 9 months.

Although Issue 1 may sound reasonable to some, it actually will create a constituional right to abortion and other reproductive services, with no restrictions or parental notifications in the state of Ohio.

As Catholics, we must stand against the abortion industry’s amendment, because it also represents an all-out assault on parental rights. If passed, this dangerous initiative would abolish parental notification and consent requirements. In other words, this would allow minor girls to undergo an abortion without her parents’ knowledge or involvement.

The Ohio Catholic Conference of Bishops has published a letter to the faithful urging our commitment to “protecting the sanctity of human life no matter the circumstances or stage of development.” 

What can I do?

After reading all of this, you may be wondering "what can I do"? The Cincinnati Right to Life is currently offering many opportunities to get involved. "Protecting women and their children in Ohio will require hundreds of volunteers, millions of dollars and every single one of us praying and speaking the truth boldly." Click here to learn more.

It is also important to become better informed on what we are facing and to share that knowledge with others. In preparation for the November ballot, you can view the full text of the amendment itself, the bishops' letter, and other good resources below.

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