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About the St. Vincent de Paul Society - St. Max Conference


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The St. Vincent de Paul Society is the largest lay association of charity in the Roman Catholic Church serving those in need by person-to-person contact. At our St. Max. Conference, confidential home visits are carried out by our members, who are called Vincentians. During visits we listen, assess needs and provide immediate assistance, (i.e. food, rent, clothing and essential utilities). We also provide resource information for those needing further help. We promote and may help finance systemic change, to those who seek education or training for job opportunities, to climb out of poverty. 

Our work is focused within the boundaries of St. Max parish, which includes a large portion of Liberty Township and northern portion of West Chester. We work closely with other near-by St. Vincent de Paul parish Conferences.

Our Conference receives 100% of its funding via the monthly St. Vincent de Paul envelopes or indicated support on the parish’s electronic contribution system. Our Conference does not receive any funds from the parish budget.

Our Vincentians are lay people and members of our parish with a wide array of backgrounds and skill levels. We meet two times a month to further develop our spirituality, to share how we have assisted those with needs and to improve in carrying out our mission. We welcome anyone, who wishes to join or would like further information, to contact us.

Read article on St. Vincent de Paul – St Max Conference in the St. Max “Modern Saint”, September 2017, “Bringing and Seeing Christ”, pages 6-7.

Ministry Contacts

Laurie Johansen
(513) 777-4322
Ext 214

For Those in Need

If you, or if you know someone or a family, who is in a financial crisis and in need of assistance, please call: (513) 777-4322, ext. 214 and leave your information on the voice mailbox. One of our Vincentians will follow up with a return call.