Twinning (St. Patrick's Uganda)

Lenten Ox Plow Project

This year's parish Lenten project is aimed at providing ox plows for the 160 catechists of our sister parish St. Patrick's Parish in Uganda.  Each ox plow which will be purchased for $500 each. St. Max families are asked to choose a catechist family, make a donation and tell everyone (relatives, friends, neighbors,  classmates and co-workers) about the catechist family you have chosen and ask them to join you in supporting your catechist family!  

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Family Connections

Thank you to everyone who has chosen a family. We have paired 160 St. Max families to the 160 St. Patrick's catechist families! 

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Letter from Fr. Jim about Lenten Project

Twinning (St. Patricks Uganda)

Welcome to the new St. Max Twinning Ministry. It is a ministry in which our parish joins with the parish of St. Patrick’s Madera, Soroti, Uganda in this active and on-going faith commitment.

The purpose of this ministry is to bind our parishes together spiritually, culturally and in a mutual sharing of available resources, in Jesus’ name.  It involves each of us crossing over into the other cultural, economic, political, linguistic and religious environments.

 Why Twin? “Love your neighbor as yourself.” St. Pope John Paul II has written, “Sacred Scripture continually speaks to us of active commitment to our neighbor and demands of us a shared responsibility for all of humanity. This duty is not limited to one’s own family, nation, state, but extends progressively to all… (Centesimus Annus CA, no.51)

Each of us are universal church members of God’s family. We will grow and share our faith journeys together with Our Lord by learning from each others spiritualties, service and worship styles and economic and cultural differences. We will develop unity and solidarity with the people of St. Patrick’s Church Madera, Soroti, Uganda parish.

Ministry Contacts

Dan Suer


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Writing Letters

Welcome to St. Max Twinning FAMILY CONNECTIONS! It is time for us to begin our life-long relationship with the catechist families of St. Patrick Church in Soroti, Uganda! The family you have chosen was told ‘you are getting new friends!!’ and they are so excited. Please make sure to prepare an envelope for each of the upcoming mailings (see below). A simple one-page handwritten note is perfect. So is a greeting card or a photo or drawing.

If for any reason you are not able to fulfill this commitment, please let us know ASAP.  We will find another match for this family.

Deadlines for letters:
Christmas 2019  - deadline is December 25th.

Below are some resources to help you get started writing to your family

Now You Know

Adult Choir Registration

Adult Choir Registration

Registration for the choir that sings at 10:00 AM Mass is open for the 2020-21 year.  Both adults and teens can register for this choir. 

1% Challenge

1% Challenge

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Together We Grow

Together We Grow

After careful and prayerful consideration and the informative response in the planning study, we are undertaking a capital campaign to raise a minimum of $3,500,000. Our campaign, Together We Grow, is a combined campaign that will...
Join St. Max

Join St. Max

God bless you! Welcome to St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish!  We are so happy that you are here. Register online to join our parish community.

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