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What is a Vocation?

What is a vocation? Quite simply, a vocation is how you choose to respond to God's call, using the gifts you have been blessed with in a way that best honors, serves, and pleases our Lord. A vocation includes: ordained vocations such as the Priesthood and Diaconate, the consecrated religious life for men and women, marriage, parenthood and the single life — all ways of living our lives in dedication to our Lord.

Promoting Vocations in Our Parish Family

The St. Maximilian Kolbe Vocations Committee has been established to increase awareness and education concerning all vocations. We work to encourage parishioners to understand their unique gifts and talents given by God— and through prayer— determine his or her unique vocation.

Traveling Crucifix

The Vocation Committee invites interested families to receive the Vocations Crucifix in their homes and to pray in a special way for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life. During the week, the family displays the crucifix in their prayer corner, mantle or other prominent place to gather daily for a time of prayer. Then at the end of the week, return the crucifix to the gathering space for the next family to enjoy for the upcoming week.

If your family would like to participate in the Vocations Crucifix Program, please see the signup sheet located in our Vocation Corner outside of the parish library.

Vocations Committee: Pray, Encourage, Support...

The Vocations Committee seeks to encourage parishioners to pray for and consider Vocations to the priesthood, sisterhood, permanent diaconate, brotherhood and lay ministry. Committee meetings are held approximately every month (usually the first Monday) and generally last about an hour and a half. Individual committee members spend time as available coordinating different aspects of vocation education and awareness.  If you are interested in joining the Vocations Committee please contact Ana Radcliff.

Ministry Contacts

Fr. Jim Riehle
(513) 777-4322