Evangelization and Catechesis Ministries

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Contact: Jo Zink, 513-777-4221, takethechallenge@saint-max.org

This team consists of individuals helping to continually foster a culture of daily prayer with Scripture through Lectio Divina in the parish (1% Challenge). The team helps in the long range visioning and regular maintenance of the challenge to make it part of our parish environment.

Contact: Lili Gellner, ancora@saint-max.org

The Ancora Club at St. Max is an amazing opportunity for girls in grades 5-12 to support the Holy Father, pray for vocations, learn about vocations, and support our local church community. We meet twice a month, and our meetings consist of Adoration and fellowship, where we learn about vocations and how we can better respond to the Church’s needs through prayer.

Contact: Greg Ehlert, 480-258-2204, answerthecall@saint-max.org

Answer the Call is an introductory faith sharing ministry for adult men of the parish, 18 and up. We begin with
prayer and have an open discussion of personal thoughts regarding God's presence in ourlives. We conclude with the upcoming Sunday readings and reflection. Meetings are held Saturday mornings and many elect
to follow the meeting with 8:30 morning Mass. There is no pressure to participate in discussion, listening is more than enough!

Contact: Rick Brandell, Exodus90@saint-max.org

Exodus 90 is a difficult 90 day exercise for men. Designed to shift your spiritual life into 5th gear, the exercise embraces three fundamental components of the Christian life for men: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. Beginning in early January (90 days prior to Easter) and culminating with the conclusion of the Easter Vigil, you will do the following:

PRAYER: pray one hour each day.

ASCETICISMS: no eating between meals, fast with the Church on Wednesdays & Fridays, no sweets or sweet drinks, black coffee or tea only, no alcohol, no phone or internet use unless required for home/work, no gaming, no TV, movies or youtubes, no unnecessary material purchases, take cold showers, attend at least one daily Mass weekly, listen to only spiritually uplifting music, engage in intense exercise at least three times weekly.

FRATERNITY: meet weekly for encouragement & accountability, check in daily with your anchor (another man in your fraternity.)

Contact: Lisa Brown, affmoms@saint-max.org

Focusing on the unique needs of stay-at-home and part-time working mothers, weekly meetings include exercise, book discussion/faith formation, and fellowship with other moms. Childcare is provided at minimal cost. The group meets Wednesday mornings during the school year from 9:30-11:30AM. 

Contact: Mary Graf, 513-894-8096, affwomen@saint-max.org

A gathering for women in all stages of life, this group meets for study, discussion, and faith sharing over coffee and light refreshments. The group meets Wednesday mornings during the school year from 9:30-11:30AM in the conference room. 

Contact: Rebecca Feldkamp, 513-777-4322 Ext. 118, rfeldkamp@saint-max.org

Come and join the team that coordinates family life events. This year, we will hold Marching with the Saints (trunk-or-treat), Seder Meal, and An Evening with our Queen (on the vigil of the 100th year of Fatima). We also assemble new family gift bags. Whether you are a cook or an event planner, we need your energy and ideas. We welcome you to pick and choose the events you would like to participate in.

Contact: Jane Rowland, 513-755-0625, heartsafire@saint-max.org

The Hearts Afire Parish-based Programs are a bold and fresh approach to small group, adult faith formation at Catholic parishes. Structured around the bestselling books and videos by popular author and retreat master Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, these simple programs are setting hearts on fire in thousands of parishes across the globe. We hold 2 small groups for each study throughout the year, to accommodate morning and evening schedules. 33 Days to Morning Glory is a 33 day journey to Marian Consecration (6 sessions). Consoling the Heart of Jesus brings you deeper into Jesus' Merciful Heart (10 sessions), and Wisdom and Works of Mercy: The One Thing is Three covers Catholic faith formation and a discussion about choosing works of mercy (11 sessions). If you are interested in deepening your relationship with Mary and Jesus, then come join us and discover the peace and joy that your heart craves!

Contact: Rebecca Feldkamp, 513-777-4322 Ext. 118, rfeldkamp@saint-max.org

High School Youth Ministry seeks to spread the good news of great joy to teens! Our vision is to form disciples of Jesus Christ, foster personal and spiritual growth, and learn how to serve and evangelize. A committed team of adults and teen peer ministers work toward that vision by gathering as large groups and small groups for fun and formation, doing works of service, going on retreats, meeting for social events, and traveling to youth conferences and service trips. All high school teens are invited! Adults interested in helping with this ministry discern with the coordinator where their gifts and the ministry’s needs overlap.

Contact: Rebecca Feldkamp, 513-777-4322 Ext. 118, rfeldkamp@saint-max.org

JrHigh1X1 is a ministry that is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade youth.  We gather during the summer for Summer Service Camp and Terrific Tuesdays, monthly during the school year. We utilize videos, games, discussions and speakers when we gather in order to learn, grow, serve and have fun together.

Contact: Rebecca Feldkamp, 513-777-4322 Ext. 118, rfeldkamp@saint-max.org 

Adults and high school youth are needed to chaperone, help with activities and provide support (food, etc.) for our junior high youth group JrHigh1x1. Adult volunteers must remain current with their VIRTUS training.

Contact: Robin Burbrink, 513-777-4322 Ext. 124, rburbrink@saint-max.org

Adults, high school students and families intercede daily for all our junior high youth by praying for each of them by name. Those who serve in this ministry will be sent a prayer at the beginning of the school year with the first names of about 10 youths. Each intercessor is asked to do their best to pray the Prayed for by Name prayer daily for a year beginning in August through the following July using their unique list of names. You may join at any time.

Contact: Marlene Doughman, 513-703-1061, library@saint-max.org

Join the team! We are always training new volunteers and looking for new members of the library committee. Please send us an e-mail or come to the parish office and let us know you are interested in joining this ministry! We care for the current collection of print books, audio books, and videos/DVDs, and process new purchases and donations. The library is open any time the building is accessible. It is a multi-purpose room, if the door is closed, please stop by at another time.

Contact: Maribeth Gieseke, 513-895-0856, lightweigh@saint-max.org

The Light Weigh is a Catholic faith based weight loss Bible Study. We welcome adults to join us as we learn a new approach to eating that leads to peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with food.  Light Weigh members learn to eat real food in moderation.

Contact: Steve Conner, 513-737-2605, livingwaters@saint-max.org

This ministry is about getting to know and respond to the call to fully live our Catholic faith through the power of the Holy Spirit. We support one another as brothers, sisters and families as we journey together toward attaining personal holiness though the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The group meets on the first and third Sundays 7:00-8:30PM to give praise, honor and glory to God through music and use of the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit. We also offer healing and intercessory prayer on these evenings for those in need. Music is provided by RAIN. All are welcome! Living Waters also sponsors Life in the Spirit seminars inside and outside the parish. This ministry also sponsors Growth in the Spirit seminars, study groups related to the charisms and gifts of the spirit, healing services, days of renewal, and days of fellowship. Healing services are held every fifth Sunday at 7:00PM in the church.

The RAIN Music Ministry is an arm of this ministry which also provides praise and worship music at our seminars, regional events, festivals, the area prisons, and various other conferences and church functions.

Contact: John Pomerleau, 513-317-2560, rain@saint-max.org

Contact: Marlene Doughman, marriageenrichment@saint-max.org

This ministry strives to lift up married couples throughout the various stages of life through fellowship and formation. Our mission statement embraces our desire to present opportunities and events for married couples to grow in the faith and in their relationship with each other. The Marriage Enrichment team meets monthly to plan these events.

Contact: David Schroeder, 513-755-1005, mensretreat@saint-max.org

The Men’s Retreat is an annual 1 day, Saturday, event that occurs in January or early February on the Parish grounds.  A small team of men plan the retreat each year and a theme is prayerfully chosen.  Themes are based on a man’s response to Christ’s call. Planning begins in the September timeframe. Members should be 18 years or older and members of the parish.

Contact: Michael Brunner, 513-835-5872, mensspiritualworkout@saint-max.org

A men's group focused on helping Catholic men grow spiritually and strengthen their faith. The group conducts a spiritual workout to help men tackle life's challenges and inspires the men to grow in their relationship with Jesus. A workout centers around watching a video on a specific topic, catered to men. The workout also includes prayer, scripture and small group discussion. The group meets every month on the second and fourth Sunday from 8:00 - 9:30PM.

Contact: Charlotte Flanagan, 513-777-4322 ext. 129, cflanagan@saint-max.org

This program offers three different ways to have fun with your toddler and get to know more young families here at St. Max!

Mighty Max is a small group experience featuring stories, songs, finger plays and craft projects that you and your child, ages 18 months to pre-K, can share in a classroom setting. These activities provide rewarding time together and promote positive mutual independence. Our classes meet once a week in 6-8 week sessions September through May.

Mighty Max Parents’ Morning In is designed for 3 year old children and older who participate in a classroom setting while parents stay on the grounds but outside of the classroom. Lessons consist of stories, songs, finger plays and crafts. Parent involvement is required on a rotating basis as the teacher helper. One parent per class is needed for assistance. This is a wonderful opportunity to help children transition into full-time preschool. Our classes meet once a week in 6-8 week sessions September through May.

Mighty Max Moves and Grooves. Get up and get moving! This class is designed for children ages 18 months-5 years with a caregiver. Come join us for a full class time of large motor activities and lots of active movement in the gym, using various materials including: a parachute, musical instruments, streamers, balls, hula hoops, and other fun stuff! Our classes meet once a week in 6-8 week sessions, September through May.

Contact: Mary Lou Baker, 513-777-4322 Ext. 120, mbaker@saint-max.org

The Early Childhood Religious Formation of Youth Program serves preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Our program provides an introduction to the Catholic faith with an emphasis on a liturgical approach to catechesis.  Adults and teens interested in sharing their time and faith are needed as catechists, assistant catechists, and musicians/singers.     

Contact: Mary Lou Baker, 513-777-4322 Ext. 120, mbaker@saint-max.org

The Religious Formation of Youth Program serves youth in grades 1-8, emphasizing a liturgical approach to catechesis. The curriculum builds on the foundation of the Sunday Gospels and the Sunday Eucharist to provide thorough instruction on doctrine, sacraments, commandments, and prayer.  Adults and teens interested in sharing their time and faith are needed as catechists, assistant catechists, and office volunteers.

Contact: Paul Groh, 513-324-2937, stbenedictbible@saint-max.org

St. Benedict Bible Study is a faith sharing and bible study group that focuses primarily on preparing for the Sunday readings, to help each other more deeply understand scripture and how it can relate to personal faith journeys. The group is composed of adult men and women and open to all adults of the parish. We meet Saturday mornings 9:30-11:00AM.

Contact: Amy Gutman, 513-771-5220 Ext. 1, a.gutman@stgabeschool.org

St. Gabriel Consolidated School, a Catholic elementary school, is dedicated to nurturing the faith, academic, and service lives of students with an emphasis on enriching the whole child. The school serves the parishes of St. Maximilian Kolbe (Liberty Township), St. John (West Chester) and St. Gabriel (Glendale). It is operated, supported and directed by a School Advisory Commission that reports to the Board of Pastors and the Principal. Registration is directly through the school.

Contact: Cathy Casto, scripturestudy@saint-max.org

Three different groups meet weekly to read, study, and discuss scripture via study guides. Each group is autonomous and studies different aspects of the Bible. Meetings are 9:30-11:30AM, September through April, and follow the school calendar for breaks. Beginners to seasoned scripture scholars are welcome!

Contact: Charlotte Flanagan, 513-777-4322 ext. 129, cflanagan@saint-max.org

Adult volunteers are needed to plan and work during Vacation Bible School for approximately 200 children in grades K-6. VBS is held in June, generally during morning hours. Volunteer assistance is needed with crafts, music, storytelling, snacks, games, the nursery and to guide youth to activity areas. Completion of the VIRTUS® Child Protection Training and a background check are required for adults 18 and older before beginning this ministry.

Contact: Charlotte Flanagan, 513-777-4322 ext. 129, cflanagan@saint-max.org

Teen volunteers are needed to work during Vacation Bible School. VBS is held in June, usually during morning hours. Volunteer assistance is needed with crafts, music, storytelling, snacks, games, nursery and to guide youth to activity areas. Service hours are available for volunteers.

Contact: Tony Arozarena, 513-755-2920, vocations@saint-max.org

The Vocations Committee offers prayers for all vocations - religious, married and single. They strive to expand prayer for vocations within the parish community and promote awareness of religious vocations, including the priesthood, diaconate, and consecrated religious life. The committee organizes visits from outside organizations (both male and female) to foster personal interaction within the parish community.  On a limited scale, the Vocations Committee is available to assist in serving visiting and local religious organizations while conducting special events.  Committee meetings are held monthly during the school season, with breaks for summer and Christmas.


Contact: Marlene Doughman, womensretreat@saint-max.org

Whether you are a cook, decorator, event planner, or something in between, we need your energy and ideas for our women’s retreats. Retreats that are planned for this year are Women’s Advent by Candlelight Retreat and Women’s Fitness Retreat. Please join us in serving the women of our parish.

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