I Thirst

A Theme for the Year

St. Maximilian Kolbe parish has chosen a theme for the coming year, “I Thirst For You". It is meant to be an opportunity, led by the works, the writings, and the spirituality of St. Teresa of Calcutta, for each of us to discover Jesus’ infinite thirst for us, His desire to have a relationship with each of us.  It will be a time to see how our Lord is the true fount that quenches the thirsts we all have.  It will be a time to discover how we can help others through our own actions to quench the thirst of others and help them know Christ’s thirst for them.

From Thérèse to Teresa by Fr. Chris Geiger

Events Through the Year

October: Spiritual Lessons for your Life - Fr. Jim Riehle
October 20: 6:00 PM
October 21: 5:15 PM & 6:45 PM
October 23: 9:15 AM

November 19:  My Time with Mother's Missionaries – Fr. Ethan Moore, Chaplain at Wright State University.

Did you miss it? Watch it here.

Advent: The Thirst for Community and Solidarity – Family Pen Pals Project with St. Patrick’s

December: Evening Prayer and Catechesis  – “I Thirst for You” in Scripture
December 1, 8, 15 & 22
3:00-4:00 PM

February 13:  From Thérèse to Teresa: The Little Flower and Mother Teresa -  Fr. Chris Geiger, Parochial Vicar at St. Andrew/St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Did you miss it? Watch it here.

March 6: Tatiana Concert – I Thirst

Volunteer with the Missionaries of Charity

Missionaries of Charity
335 East 145th St
Bronx, NY 1045
1 (718) 292 - 0019

I Thirst For You Prayer  

Heavenly Father,
From the Cross,
In the fullness of Your saving plan of salvation,
Your Son spoke aloud the words of Your Heart,
“I Thirst”.
Help us to know Your Heart, 
To hear those words spoken to us and for us, 
To understand how very much You thirst for souls.
Grant that we may discover the truth,
That You alone are the Fount we seek,
The Living Water for which we thirst.
And grant, that with this knowledge,
We may love others as You do,
Lead others to You,
And with our Blessed Mother as our guide,
Delight in the Love You have for us.

Recommended Reading

Something Beautiful for God
by Malcolm Muggeridge

This book, published in 1971, brought Mother Teresa in to the international spotlight.  It is more biographical than spiritual, but if you don’t know much about this saintly woman and the work she did, this is a good introduction.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta:  A Personal Portrait
by Fr. Leo Maasburg

A spiritual advisor and confessor for Mother Teresa, Fr. Maasburg writes a personal account of this beloved saint.

No Greater Love
by Mother Teresa

This book is a collection of Mother Teresa’s words, in particular her thoughts on love, prayer, poverty and Jesus.

Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire
by Fr. Joseph Langford

Written by the co-founder of the Missionaries of Charity Fathers, this book is deeper exploration of the driving force behind Mother Teresa’s spirituality and the thirst of Jesus that she wanted not only to quench, but to make the whole world aware of that thirst.

Not a lot of time for reading?  Try praying over these Scripture passages:
Psalm 42
Psalm 63
Psalm 143
John 4:1-42