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Faith Formation

Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage

The Sacrament of Marriage can be celebrated at St. Max when one or both of the couple are parishioners, or children of parishioners, or have some other tangible connection to the parish community.

Ordinarily, if both the bride and the groom are practicing Catholics the sacrament of marriage would be celebrated within Mass. Normally, if only the bride OR the groom is Catholic, the marriage rite will be celebrated outside the context of a Mass. 

Wedding liturgies can take place virtually anytime outside of Sunday Mass, and are normally celebrated Friday evening, Saturday at 1:00 PM, or Saturday at 6:30 PM.

Interested in Getting Married at St. Max?

The Church helps you to invest in your marriage through a time of preparation and formation. Engaged couples enter into this period with a mentor couple from the parish who will share their personal experiences and enter into conversations with you regarding important topics such as why marriage matters, why God created marriage, sexuality and how to have a sacramental marriage.  In addition you will have an opportunity to work with the Pastoral Associate for Worship to ensure that you have the most beautiful and meaningful wedding Mass or liturgy outside of Mass.  

Therefore, couples who wish to be married in the parish should contact the pastor at least 9 months prior to their expected wedding date. 

Ministry Contacts

Fr. Jim Riehle
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